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Principles of corporate finance

Author: Search for this author Brealey, Richard A., 1936- (author); Myers, Stewart C., 1940- (author); Allen, Franklin, 1956- (author); Edmans, Alex, 1980- (author)
Statement of Responsibility: Richard A. Brealey, Stewart C. Myers, Franklin Allen, Alex Edmans
Year: [2023]
Publisher: New York, [New York], McGraw-Hill
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The latest edition in the Principles of Corporate Finance dynasty, the 14th edition continues in its tradition of showing how theory applies to the very practical problems and decisions faced by financial managers.
Looking at what financial managers do and why, the book aims to give readers a solid understanding of theory so that they know what questions to ask when times change and new problems need to be analyzed, eventually standing as a reference and a guide to help them make financial decisions, not just study them.
This new edition welcomes Alex Edmans to the author team, whose global authority and expertise in corporate governance, responsible business and behavioural finance have been invaluable in bolstering coverage of these topics. A new chapter is entirely dedicated to the subject of balancing shareholder value with promoting the interests of all stakeholders, the potential conflicts inherent in this, and how a responsible business should behave.
There have been several changes to chapter structure as well as expanded discussion of issues that have grown in importance since the previous edition including behavioural finance, and financial innovation driven by AI, big data and cloud computing. It has also grown to take a more international focus, to bring in more information and perspectives on major developing economies such as China and India, and looking at how financing and governance systems differ around the world.
The new edition retains and builds on the pedagogical features of previous editions, with new chapter content summaries, new self-test questions interspersed at key points, and a raft of 'Beyond the page' examples available online through links in the text.


Statement of Responsibility: Richard A. Brealey, Stewart C. Myers, Franklin Allen, Alex Edmans
Year: [2023]
Publisher: New York, [New York], McGraw-Hill
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ISBN: 978-1-265-07415-9
Description: Fourteenth Edition; international student edition, xxx, 986, G-5, I-29 Seiten, Illustrationen
Tags: Finanzwirtschaft, Financing, Investitionsrechnung, Case Study, Risk Management, Financial Economy, Finanzierung, Risikomanagement, Case Studies, Fallstudien
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