1. How do I become a user?

To borrow print media: every student and member of staff of the ESCP can become a user once they have been registered by the library staff. Therefore, you will need to visit the library in house B, room B023. Bring your student-ID with you, and we will create your account. To read and use digital resources you are already registered. Please visit SO' Libraries and login to access them (same login data as for myschool).

2. How do I borrow media?

Have a look on-site or on the online catalogue. Choose the books you want to borrow, hand them over with your student-ID at the Service & Information Desk, and the library staff will book the media on your account.

3. How do I return media?

You can return media inside the library during opening hours. Hand them in at the Library Service & Information Desk. In case the library is closed, you can use the book drop box outside the library entrance (during campus opening hours only).

4. Can I copy or print in the library?

There is a sustainable book scanner for free at your service that we highly recommend to use. You can send the document to your email address or save the scanned documents on a USB stick. Copy/printing machines can be found in the student work room/PC-Pool (B019 and B125). They are free to use. Please respect our paperless policy on campus.

5. How do I renew my loan?

You can access your account and renew the loan yourself. You can also email or call us, and we can renew your loan for you. Take the following steps for renewing your media online: 1. Login with your student-ID and your date of birth (DD.MM.YYYY - including the dots) as your password. 2. Click My Account 3. Select the box in front of the media to renew the loan. 4. Click renew record.

6. How do I get media from the archive?

Let us know in advance via e-mail, so we can collect it for you. We will let you know, once it is ready to borrow.

7. Can I borrow journals or newspapers?

You cannot borrow journals or newspapers. Please read the journals or newspapers during your visit or use the book scanner. The library has a huge collection of e-journals and e-newspapers which you can also use for your studies.

8. Any questions or comments?

We are open to criticism, and we would like to improve our services. If you want to get in contact with us, feel free to talk to us at the library or send us an email 

to library-berlin@escp.eu.

9. Do I need to wear a mask?

As within the entire campus, at the moment it is not compulsory to wear a(n) (FFP2) mask throughout your stay at the library. However, as the library is usually very crowded, we can always recommend wearing a mask for your own protection. Here you can find some more information about COVID Rules and Recommendations at the Berlin Campus.